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Location: Košice, Slovakia
Design: 2019
Realisation: 2019
Type: Interior Design
Status: Finished
Photo: Tomáš Lazorik

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Sudolabs is located in one of the newly built buildings or office space in the center of Kosice. Those were built in 2018 mainly for rental purposes of office spaces. The main idea of the project was to design a low cost co-work which is used by the investors and IT  freelancers. This concept has changed in the process of designing as the company grew so much that there was no need for sharing the space anymore.

The quality of the rough construction offered an alternative to preserving its structural aesthetics.Three main materials are used repeatedly throughout the space - concrete, sheet metal and wood. They underline the contrast between cold - raw and warm materials. The space is lightened from two sides through a transparent perimeter cladding, while the remaining walls are lined with dark trapezoidal sheet metal and plywood.

The space is divided into three separate zones - meeting room, kitchen and shared areas. These are separated by a glass partition and a plywood wall. The characteristic contrasting character appears in the meeting room, where a combination of black and white predominates. The transparency that is achieved by the glass partition and the color contrast, create a spatial depth.

A small change in the layout - moving the door - made it possible to enlarge the kitchen and sanitary facilities. Thanks to this solution, it is possible to enter the sanitary facilities directly from the shared areas, and not from the kitchen. The plywood cladding of the toilet entrance door blends with the wall cladding material. The plywood cladding made it possible to cover other objects, such as the hydrant or the main switchboard.

The typology of seating, which is typical for a café, appears in the kitchen. Similarly as in other spaces, materiality is repeated in this case as well. In the bright co-working, the mobile furniture, that was part of the assignment, can be found. As a result, classic co-working can quickly and easily become a space usable for lectures or trainings.

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