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The apartment is situated in a brick apartment building in the wider center of Kosice. The main idea of the design was to brighten up the interior as much as possible and meet the only requirements of the owners who incline to dark colors - a black kitchen and a black and white bathroom. The apartment is dominated by three main materials - birch plywood, black MDF board and stucco. Only a few from the original oak parquets were supplemented by new ones.


The functional scheme of the original layout of the apartment has been preserved. By removing the partitions, a bright open space was created, which serves as a kitchen, dining room and living room. The removal of the dividing structures revealed the originally hidden monolith. A brick wall was also uncovered, which contributes to the structure of the apartment, as it is only partially plastered.


A characteristic element of the interior is the tiling, which is seamlessly followed by built-in furniture. The hall is dominated by the already mentioned birch plywood, which can be found also in the library, while the black core tiles are pouring into the kitchen counter.

Entrances to the sanitary facilities, which are oriented into the space, are getting lost in the black MDF board.


Despite the small floor plan area of the bathroom is small, there is a spacious shower. Its arc hides the ventilation duct. The library does fulfills its aim which is to create an open space and to bring the light into the deepest corners of the disposition.

Built-in oak veneer furniture is painted with transparent varnish in some parts of the bedroom. In the rest of the room, it is painted black, while the wood structure remains uncovered. The night part of the apartment keeps the color and material scheme of the rest of the interior.

Place: Košice, Slovakia
Design: 2019
Realisation: 2019-2020
Type: Interior design
Status: Finished
Photo: Tomáš Lazorik


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