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Location: Košice
Design: 2018
Realisation: 2018
Type: Interior design
Status: Finished
Photo: Tomáš Lazorik

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The loft is located in the attic of a brick apartment building. The layout is totally open, while the only lockable rooms are the bathroom and the utility room. The relatively generous floor plan of the apartment is limited by the roof slope.


On the spacious ground floor there are living areas such as a living room with dining area, kitchen corner and study. Upstairs there is a sleeping area with a bathroom. Due to the cramped conditions, a pull-out bed can be found in the bedroom.


The project belongs to the low-cost category, to which the selection of materials and furnishings is subordinated - plywood, galvanized sheet metal, upholstered furniture after grandparents ... The dominant element of the interior is a welded steel staircase, under which storage spaces made of stained plywood are hidden. The original brick chimneys were exposed and the brick uncovered.

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